Index of Titles

AABD: African American Biographical Database, Q3765
Abbey Theatre: The Years of Synge, N3030
Abbreviations for Latin Sources and Bibliography of Editions, M1690a
ABC for Book Collectors, U5340
ABHB: Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries, U5275
Abstracts of English Studies, G435
Abstracts of Folklore Studies, U5865a
Abstracts of Popular Culture, U6295a
Academic Database Assessment Tool, K615a
Academic OneFile, G387
Academic Search Complete, G400a
Access: The Index to Little Magazines, K780
Access to Little Magazines,” K5c3
Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations Dictionary, U5045
Addenda and Corrigenda to English Versification, 1570–1980,” M1600a
Addenda and Corrigenda to N. R. Ker’s ‘A Supplement to Catalogue of Manuscripts Containing Anglo-Saxon,’” M1645a
Addenda and Corrigenda to the Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts,” M1645a
Addendum to Jantz from Cotton Mather’s Paterna,” Q4075a
Addendum to The London Stage, 1660–1700,” M2370a
Additions and Corrections to Allardyce Nicoll’s ‘Hand-List of Plays 1900–1930,’” M2855a
Additions and Corrections to History and Bibliography of American Newspapers,” Q4035
Additions and Corrections to the Bibliography of John Lydgate,” M1825
Additions to Allardyce Nicoll’s ‘Hand-List of Plays, 1700–1750,’” M2360a
Additions to Allardyce Nicoll’s Hand-List of Plays: 1800–1818,” M2670a
Additions to Bibliographies: With Notes on Procedure for BAL,” Q3250a
Additions to STC,” M1990a
Advice for Authors, Reviewers, Publishers, and Editors of Scholarly Books and Articles,” U29
AFI Catalog, U5760
African American Lives, Q3770a
African American National Biography, Q3770
African-American Newspapers: The 19th Century, Q3775a
African-American Newspapers and Periodicals: A National Bibliography, Q3775
African American Newspapers, 1827–1998, Q3775a
African American Poetry, Q3848
African American Theatre Directory, 1816–1960, Q3825a
Africa-Wide Information, R4423
Afro-Americana, 1553–1906, Q3720a
Afro-American Fiction, 1853–1976, Q3815
Afro-American Folk Culture, U5880
Afro-American Literature and Culture, Q3755a
Afro-American Novel, 1965–1975, Q3815a
Afro-American Novel and Its Tradition, Q3805
Afro-American Poetry and Drama, Q3845
Afro-American Reference, Q3710a
Afro-American Short Story, Q3815a
Afro-American Writers, Q3755
Age of Dickens and Thackeray, M1505
Age of Dryden, M2245a
Age of Johnson, 1740–1789, M1310, M2205
Age of Reform, 1815–1870, M1323a
Age of Romance, M1505
A. L. A.” Index, G380a
Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon: Die bildenden Künstler aller Zeiten und Völker, U5135a
Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künstler, U5135a
Almanac of Famous People, J565a
ALS Guide to Australian Writers: A Bibliography 1963–1995, R4480a
Altenglisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch, M1695a
Alternative Press Index, G400a
Altertumskunde—Altertumswissenschaft—Kulturwissenschaft: Erträge und Perspektiven nach 40 Jahren Reallexikon der germanischen Altertumskunde, M1640a
America as Canon and Context: Literary History in a Time of Dissensus,” Q1b, Q3205a
America: History and Life, Q3310
America in Fiction, L890a
American Actors and Actresses, Q3515
American and British Literature, 1945–1975, M2800
American and British Poetry, L1255a
American and British Theatrical Biographies, L1175
American and British Theatrical Biography, L1175
American and English Popular Entertainment, Q3525a
American Authors, 1600–1900, J595a
American Authors and Books, 1640–1940, Q3210a
American Authors and Books: 1640 to the Present Day, Q3210a
American Autobiography, 1945–1980, Q3545
American Bibliographical Notes,” Q4005a, Q4125a
American Bibliography (Evans), Q4005
American Bibliography ... [1801–19] (Shaw and Shoemaker), Q4125
American Book Auction Catalogues, U5400
American Book Collectors, U5370a
American Book-Collectors and Bibliographers, U5370
American Book Prices Current, U5415
American Book Publishing Record, Q4110
American Book Trade Directory, U5360
American Broadsides and Ephemera, Q4130a
American Catalogue ... [1876–1910], Q4110a
American Catalogue of Books ... [1861–1871], Q4120
American Diaries: An Annotated Bibliography (Arksey), Q3540
American Diaries: An Annotated Bibliography (Matthews), Q3540a
American Diaries in Manuscript, Q3540a
American Diary Literature, Q3538
American Doctoral Dissertations, H465a
American Drama, 1714–1915 (text archive), Q3514
American Drama 1900–1940,” Q6h2b
American Drama, 1918–1940,” Q6h2b
American Drama: A Bibliographical Essay,” Q1k2e1
American Drama Criticism, Q3520
American Dramatic Scholarship, 1940-Present,” Q6h2b
American Dramatists, J595a
American Drama to 1900, Q4200
American Fiction, [1774–1900], Q4180
American Fiction, 1774–1910, Q4180a
American Fiction, 1900–1950, Q4270
American Fiction: An Historical and Critical Survey, Q3470a
American Fiction Database, Q4267
American Fiction since 1940, L1057
American Fictions, 1940–1980, Q4260
American Fictions, 1980–2000, Q4260
American Fiction to 1900, Q4185a
American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures, U5760
American Folklore: A Bibliography, U5870
American Folklore: An Encyclopedia, U5837
American Folklore Studies, U5860a
American Historical Association’s Guide to Historical Literature, U6497
American Historical Fiction: An Annotated Guide to Novels for Adults and Young Adults, L890
American Humanities Index, G360a
American Indian and Alaska Native Newspapers and Periodicals, Q3895
American Indian Autobiography, Q3925
American Indian: Language and Literature, Q3875
American Indian Literatures: An Introduction, Bibliographic Review, and Selected Bibliography, Q3880
American Indian Novelists, Q3920
Americanisms: A Dictionary of Selected Americanisms, Q3360a
American Language, Q3370
American Library Directory, E200a
American Library Resources, E215
American Literary and Drama Reviews, Q4150a
American Literary Magazines: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Q3410
American Literary Magazines: The Twentieth Century, Q3410
American Literary Manuscripts: A Checklist of Holdings, Q3230
American Literary Scholarship, Q3265
American Literature and the Academy, Q3209
American Literature: A Study and Research Guide, Q3180a
American Manuscripts, 1763–1815, Q3235
American Musical Theater: A Guide to Information Sources,” Q6h2b
American Musical Theater: Supplement 1992–1996,” Q6h2b
American National Biography, Q3378
American National Biography Online, Q3378
American Newspapers, 1821–1936, Q3405
American Novel and Its Tradition, Q3470a
American Novel: Checklist of Twentieth Century Criticism, Q3475
American Novel, 1870–1940, L1057
American Novel Explication, 1991–1995, Q3475
American Novel from Its Beginnings to 1870, L1057
American Novelists, J595a
American Novel, 1789–1959, Q3475
American Novel: Sinclair Lewis to the Present, Q4270a
American Novel through Henry James, Q4185
American Periodicals Series Online, 1740–1900, Q4050
American Plays Printed, 1714–1830, Q4070
American Playwrights since 1945, Q4287
American Poetry (text archive), Q3536
American Poetry Index, Q4325a
American Poets, J595a
American Poets from the Puritans to the Present, Q3533a
American Popular Culture: A Guide to Information Sources, U6295a
American Popular Culture: A Historical Bibliography, U6295a
American Prose and Criticism, 1820–1900, Q4205
American Prose and Criticism, 1900–1950, Q4345
American Prose to 1820, Q4095
American Puritan Studies, Q4020
American Reference Books Annual, K745
American Regional Theatre History, Q3575
American Short-Fiction Criticism and Scholarship, Q3480
American Stage to World War I, Q3525
American Studies: A Guide to Information Sources, Q3335a
American Studies: An Annotated Bibliography, Q3335
American Studies: An Annotated Bibliography of Works on the Civilization of the United States, Q3335a
American Theatre: A Chronicle of Comedy and Drama, 1869–1914, Q3510a
American Theatre Companies, Q3505
American Theatrical Periodicals, Q3530
American Things / Literary Things: The Problem of American Literary History,” Q1b
[1]American Verse Printed from 1610 through 1820, Q4085
American West in the Twentieth Century: A Bibliography, Q3670a
American Women Playwrights, 1900–1930: A Checklist, Q3513a
American Women Playwrights, 1964–1989: A Research Guide and Annotated Bibliography, Q4289
American Women Writers: A Critical Reference Guide, Q3390
American Women Writers: Bibliographical Essays, Q3275
American Writers before 1800, Q4030
America’s Hive of Honey, Q4190
Analysis of the Internationale Bibliographie der Zeitschriftenliteratur,” G390a
Analytical Bibliography of Writings on Modern English Morphology and Syntax, U6105
Analytical Index to the Ballad-Entries (1557–1709), M2000a
Analytical Subject-Index to the Sadleir Collection,” M2635a
Anatomy of Wonder, L1015
Ancrene Wisse, the Katherine Group, and the Wooing Group, M1670a
And So to Bed: A Bibliography of Diaries, M1615a, Q3540a, R4765a
Anglo-Irish Literature: A Bibliography of Dissertations, 1873–1989, N2988
Anglo-Irish Literature: A Review of Research, N2950
Anglo-Norman England, 1066–1154, M1680a
Anglophone Caribbean Poetry, 1970–2001: An Annotated Bibliography, R4797
Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Bibliography, M1680a
Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, M1695
Anglo-Saxon England, M1323a
Anglo-Saxon History, M1680
Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts: Basic Readings, M1645a
Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records, M1705a
Anglo-Saxon Studies: Present State and Future Prospects,” M2
Anglo-Saxon Textual Illustration, M1645a
Anmerkungen zum Middle English Dictionary,” M1860a
Annals of American Literature, Q3220
Annals of Australian Literature, R4460
Annals of English Drama, 975–1700, M1535
Annals of English Literature, M1345a
Annals of English Verse, 1770–1835: A Preliminary Survey of the Volumes Published, M2420a
Annals of the New York Stage, Q3510
L’année philologique, S4890
Annotated Bibliography of Afro-American Autobiography,” Q3850a
Annotated Bibliography of Afro-American Biography,” Q3850a
Annotated Bibliography of American Indian and Eskimo Autobiographies, Q3925
Annotated Bibliography of American Literary Periodicals, 1741–1850, Q4040
Annotated Bibliography of Canada’s Major Authors, R4605
Annotated Bibliography of Diaries Printed in English, M1615a
Annotated Bibliography of Modern Anglo-Irish Drama, N3045
Annotated Bibliography of Printed Records of Early British Drama and Minstrelsy,” M1925a
Annotated Bibliography of Research in the Teaching of English,” U5585
Annotated Bibliography of Southern American English, Q3635
Annotated Bibliography of Statistical Stylistics, U6080a
Annotated Checklist of Articles and Books on American Little Magazines,” K770a
Annotated Critical Bibliography of Augustan Poetry, M2425a
Annotated Critical Bibliography of Feminist Criticism, U6170
Annotated Critical Bibliography of Modernism, M2795
Annotated Guide to Current National Bibliographies, D180a
An Annotated Survey of English Etymological Dictionaries and Glossaries,” M1410a
Annual Bibliography” (Keats-Shelley Journal), M2495
Annual Bibliography” (YCGL: Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature), T5000a
Annual Bibliography of Afro-American Literature,” Q3740a, R4787a
Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History, M1400a
Annual Bibliography of Commonwealth Literature,” R4375
Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, G340
Annual Bibliography of Folklore,” U5865a
Annual Bibliography of Midwestern Literature,” Q3595
Annual Bibliography of Scottish Literature, O3075
Annual Bibliography of Short Story Explication,” L1090a
Annual Bibliography of Studies in Australian Literature,” R4480
Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature,” Q3665
Annual Bibliography of Victorian Studies, M2490
Annual Bibliography of Works about Life-Writing,” L1285
Annual Catalogue of Australian Publications, R4465a
Annual Index to Poetry in Periodicals, Q4325a
Annual Index to the Times, M1450
Annual Register of Grant Support, U5940a
Annual Review” (Journal of Modern Literature), M2870
Antecedents of the English Novel, 1400–1600, M2090a
Antiquarian Bookselling in the United States, U7e
APh: L’année philologique, S4890
Appendices ad Hainii-Copingeri Repertorium Bibliographicum, M1820a
Appleton’s Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Q3380a
Arabic into Medieval Latin,” M1700a
ARBA Guide to Biographical Dictionaries, J3
ARBA Guide to Biographical Resources, J3
ARBAonline, K745
Zur Arbeit mit dem Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke, M1820a
Archival News,” U5741a
Archival Research Catalog, F290a
Archive Finder, F280
ArchiveGrid, F280a
Archives: An Analysis of Little Magazine Collections in the United States and Canada,” K5c
Archives and Special Collections Devoted to Children’s and Young Adult Literature,” U5460a
Archives Canada: Canadian Archival Information Network, R4590
ArchivesUSA, F280
ArchiviaNet, R4590a
Art Abstracts, U5145a
ARTbibliographies Modern, U5140
Artemis: Literary Sources, I524a, J600a
Art Full Text, U5145
ArticleFirst, G400a
Articles Describing Archives and Manuscript Collections in the United States, F293a
Articles in American Studies,” Q3285a
Articles in American Studies, 1954–1968, Q3285a
Articles on American Literature, Q3295
Articles on American Literature Appearing in Current Periodicals,” Q3285a
Articles on Twentieth Century Literature, M2790
Articles on Women Writers, U6605
Art Index, U5145
Art Index Retrospective, U5145a
Artist Biographies Master Index, J565a
Art of Biography in Eighteenth Century England, M2430
Art of Biography in Eighteenth Century England: Bibliographical Supplement, M2435
Art of Literary Research, A5
Art of the Amateur, 1916–1920, N3030
Arts: Visual Arts, Music, Language, and Literature, B65
Arts and Humanities Citation Index, G365
Asian American Literature, Q3940
Asian Literature in English, S4875
ASLE Bibliography, U5737a
ASLE Online Bibliography, U5737a
ASLE Online Bibliography, 2000–2010, U5737
Aslib Directory of Information Sources in the United Kingdom, E200a
Aslib Directory of Literary and Historical Collections in the UK, E210a
Aspects of Literary Stylistics, U5990a
Assessing the Assessors: An Anatomy of Comparative Literature Handbooks,” T1
Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment: Bibliography, U5737
Association of American University Presses Directory, U6383
Associations Unlimited, U5085
ASTI: A Hypertext System for Anglo-Saxon Textual Illustration, M1645a
Atlantic Canadian Imprints, 1801–1820: A Bibliography, R4615a
ATLA Religion Database, U6350
Atlas of Anglo-Saxon England, M1637
Atlas of English Literature, M1340
Attributing Authorship, A40
Attribution Problems in English Drama, 1660–1700,” M2370a
Auction Catalogues and Eminent Libraries,” secU7gAustLit: The Australian Literature Gateway, R4463
AustLit: The Australian Literature Resource, R4463
AustLit: The Resource for Australian Literature, R4463
Australian and New Zealand Studies, R4825a
Australian Autobiographical Narratives, R4550
Australian Bibliographic Network, R4465
Australian Bibliography, R4440a
Australian Dictionary of Biography, R4495
Australian Dictionary of Biography Online, R4495
Australian Drama, 1970–1985, R4540
Australian Drama in the 1970s, R4540
Australian Literary Criticism, 1945–1988, R4488
Australian Literature: A Bibliography to 1938, R4475a
Australian Literature: A Reference Guide, R4440
Australian Literature from Its Beginnings to 1935, R4475
Australian Literature to 1900, R4485
Australian National Bibliography, R4465
Australian National Bibliographic Database, R4465a
Australian National Dictionary, R4490
Australian Periodicals with Literary Content, 1821–1926: An Annotated Bibliography, R4500
Australian Short Story, R4525
Australian Stage, R4535
Australian Utopian Literature: An Annotated, Chronological Bibliography, 1667–1999,” L1055a
Author Bibliography of English Language Fiction in the Library of Congress, L1060
Author Index to Little Magazines of the Mimeograph Revolution, 1958–1980, K793
Author Index to Selected British “Little Magazines,” K785
Author Newsletters and Journals, K620
Authors Biographies Master Index, J565a
Authors: Critical and Biographical References, G380a
Authors of Anonymous Articles Indexed in Poole,” Q4150a
Autobiographies by Americans of Color, Q3705
Autograph Poetry in the English Language, M1965a
Autographs: A Key to Collecting, U5350a
Babel Unravelled, U6018
Babylonian Frolics: H. L. Mencken and The American Language,” Q3370a
Backgrounds to Restoration and Eighteenth-Century English Literature, M2263
Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, U6235a
Ballad Scholarship, U5902
Barnhart Dictionary Companion, Q3365a
Barnhart Dictionary of New English since 1963, Q3365a
Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, U6315
Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations: Expanded Multimedia Edition, U6315
Basic Advice for Novice Authors,” U6380a
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Inkunabelkatalog, M1820a
Beasley’s Guide to Library Research, A10a
Before Yesterday: The Long History of Native American Writing, Q3870a
Beginnings of Systematic Bibliography in America up to 1800,” U5410a
Beiträge zu einem etymologischen Wörterbuch, M1695a
Benét’s Reader’s Encyclopedia, C120
Best Books for Academic Libraries, B70a
Best Books for University Libraries, B70a
Besterman and Bibliography,” D155a
Best Reference Books, K745a
Between Markup and Delivery; or, Tomorrow’s Electronic Text Today,” M1433a
BHA: Bibliography of the History of Art, U5138
BHA and RILA, U5138
BHI: British Humanities Index, G370
Bibliographical Analysis: A Historical Introduction, U5205a
Bibliographical Brochure ... N. Z. Literature, R4810a
Bibliographical Catalogue and First-Line Index of Printed Anthologies of English Poetry to 1640, M2180a
Bibliographical Conscience,” Q3250a
Bibliographical Guide to African-American Women Writers, Q3723
Bibliographical Guide to Midwestern Literature, Q3600
Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Southern Literature, Q3625
Bibliographical Guide to the Study of the Literature of the U. S. A., Q3180
Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Western American Literature, Q3670
Bibliographical Guide to Twenty-Four Modern Anglo-Welsh Writers, P3157
Bibliographical History of Anonyma and Pseudonyma, U5105
Bibliographical Introduction to Seventy-Five Modern American Authors, Q4230
Bibliographical Problems in Research on Composition,” U5555a
Bibliographical Resources and Problems,” U5555
Bibliographical Society: Index to Selected Bibliographical Journals (Addenda),” U5285
Bibliographic Control of American Literature, Q1e
The Bibliographic Control of Science Fiction,” L2f4, L2f5
Bibliographic Control of Victorian Periodicals,” M6i1b
Bibliographic Guide to Chicana and Latina Narrative, Q3985
Bibliographic Guide to the Literature of Contemporary American Poetry, Q4335a
Bibliographic Index, D145
Bibliographic Index Plus, D145
Bibliographic Information for Fifty-Three Unlocated Eighteenth-Century Items in Arnott and Robinson’s English Theatrical Literature, 1559-1900,” M1560a
Bibliographie critique du roman canadien-français, R4705
Bibliographie de civilisation médiévale, M1835a
Bibliographie de la critique,” R4643a
Bibliographie de la critique de la littérature québécoise, R4643
Bibliographie de la critique de la littérature québécoise au Canada anglais (1939–1989), R4643a
Bibliographie de l’antiquité classique, S4890a
Bibliographie der Buch- und Bibliotheksgeschichte, U5280
Bibliographie der Gattungspoetik, L820
Bibliographie der nationalen Bibliographien, D180
Bibliographie des articles relatifs à l’histoire de l’humanisme et de la Renaissance,” M2025a
Bibliographie générale de littérature comparée, T5000a
Bibliographie internationale de l’humanisme et de la Renaissance, M2025
Bibliographie linguistique, U6010
Bibliographies for African Studies, S4865a
Bibliographies of Studies in Victorian Literature ... [1932–84], M2500
Bibliographies of Twelve Victorian Authors, M2500a
Bibliographies of Twelve Victorian Authors: A Supplement,” M2500a
Bibliographies: Their Aims and Methods, A30a
Bibliographische Berichte, D145a
Bibliography” (Anglo-Saxon England), M1660
Bibliography” (Children’s Literature Association Quarterly), U5478
Bibliography” (Christianity and Literature), U6350a
Bibliography and Index of English Verse in Manuscript, 1501–1558, M2190
Bibliography and Index of English Verse Printed 1476–1558, M2190
Bibliography and Textual Criticism, U5240a
Bibliography and Textual Study of American Books,” Q1f2
Bibliography: Dance and Literature,” U5965a
Bibliography in Literature, Folklore, Language and Linguistics, G335a, U21d1a, U33a
Bibliography: Keats-Shelley Journal, M2495
Bibliography of American Autobiographies, Q3545
Bibliography of American Imprints to 1901, Q4005a
Bibliography of American Literature, Q3250
Bibliography of American Periodical Literature” (Speculum), M1835a
Bibliography of Anglophone Literature and Literary Criticism by Black South Africans, R4423
Bibliography of Anglo-Welsh Literature, P3150
Bibliography of Articles and Books Published in English on Colonialism and Imperialism,” U6181
Bibliography of Australia, R4470
Bibliography of Australian Literature, R4463a
Bibliography of Australian and New Zealand Literature and Criticism Published in North America,” R4480a
Bibliography of Australian Women’s Literature, R4470a
Bibliography of Bibliographies in American Literature, Q3225
Bibliography of Books and Articles Published in English on Colonialism and Imperialism,” R4375a
Bibliography of British and Irish History, M1400
Bibliography of British History, 1789–1851, M2515
Bibliography of British History, 1851–1914, M2520
Bibliography of British History, 1914–1989, M2805
Bibliography of British History: Stuart Period, 1603–1714, M2045
Bibliography of British History: The Eighteenth Century, 1714–1789, M2260
Bibliography of British History: Tudor Period, 1485–1603, M2050
Bibliography of British Literary Bibliographies, M1355
Bibliography of British Newspapers, M1440
Bibliography of Canadian Bibliographies, R4585
Bibliography of Canadian Folklore in English, R4665
Bibliography of Canadian Imprints, 1751–1800, R4615
Bibliography of Canadian Theatre History, R4735a
Bibliography of Comparative Literature, T5000
Bibliography of Comparative Literature in Britain and Ireland,” T2a
Bibliography of Comparative Studies in Canadian, Québec, and Foreign Literatures, R4630
Bibliography of Composition, 1940–1949, U9d3
Bibliography of Contemporary American Fiction, Q4265
Bibliography of Contemporary American Poetry, Q4315
Bibliography of Creative African Writing, R4420
Bibliography of Criticism of Contemporary Chicano Literature, Q3975
Bibliography of Criticism on English and French Literary Translations in Canada, R4630a
Bibliography of English History to 1485, M1845
Bibliography of English Poetical Miscellanies, 1521–1750, M2180
Bibliography of English Printed Tragedy, 1565–1900, M1550
Bibliography of Film Bibliographies, U5755
Bibliography of Gothic Studies,” L875a
Bibliography of Irish Linguistics and Literature, N2970
Bibliography of Irish Philology and Manuscript Literature, N2970
Bibliography of Irish Philology and of Printed Irish Literature, N2970
Bibliography of Medieval Drama, M1930
Bibliography of Medieval Drama, 1969–[1980],” M1930a
Bibliography of Metaphor and Metonymy, U6035
Bibliography of Modern British Novelists, M2840a
Bibliography of Modern Irish and Anglo-Irish Literature, N4
Bibliography of Modern Irish Drama, 1899–1970, N3045a
Bibliography of Native American Bibliographies, Q3869
Bibliography of North American Folklore, U5875
Bibliography of Novels Related to American Frontier and Colonial History, L890a
The Bibliography of Old English: Back to the Future,” M1670a
Bibliography of Personal Names,” U6040a
Bibliography of Pragmatics Online, U6050
Bibliography of Publications on Old English Literature, M1670
Bibliography of Regional Fiction in Britain and Ireland, 1800–2000, M2650
Bibliography of Scotland, O3080
Bibliography of Semiotics, U6070
Bibliography of South African Literature in English, R4423
Bibliography of Studies in Comparative Canadian Literature, R4630a
Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature, Q3665
Bibliography of Stylistics and Related Criticism[2], U6085
Bibliography of the American Theatre, Q3580
Bibliography of Theatre History in Canada: The Beginnings through 1984, R4735
Bibliography of the Classical Tradition,” S4893a
Bibliography of the English Language ... to the Year 1800, M1405
Bibliography of the English Printed Drama, 1660–1700, M2375
Bibliography of the English Printed Drama to the Restoration, M2135
Bibliography of the Literature Relating to New Zealand, R4810a
Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations on the Subject of Film, U5795
Bibliography of Wales, P3155
Bibliography of Women and Literature, U6600
Bibliography of Works Relating to Scotland, O3080a
Bibliography of Writings on the English Language, M1405a
Bibliography on the Relations of Literature and Other Arts,” U5965
Bibliography on the Relations of Literature and the Other Arts, U5965
Bibliography to the Classical Tradition in English Literature, S4893
Biblion: The Bulletin of the New York Public Library, E1
Bibliotheca Americana (Roorbach), Q4115
Bibliotheca Americana (Sabin), Q4015
Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima, Q4000a
Bibliotheca Celtica, P3155
Bibliotheca Scriptorum Classicorum, S4890a
Bibliotheca Scriptorum Classicorum et Graecorum et Latinorum, S4890a
BibSite, D150
Billion Year Spree, L955a
Biobibliography of Native American Writers, Q3870
Biographical Books, J550
Biographical Dictionaries,” J575a
Biographical Dictionaries of the Book Trades,” U7e
Biographical Dictionary of Actors ... 1660–1800, M2400
Biographical Dictionary of English Women Writers, 1580–1720, M1433a
Biographical Dictionary of Irish Writers, N2995
Biographical Dictionary of Modern British Radicals, M1425a
Biographical Dictionary of Renaissance Poets and Dramatists, M4g1a
Biographical Encyclopedia and Who’s Who of the American Theatre, Q4280a
Biographical Reference Works for and about Women, from the Advent of the Women’s Liberation Movement to the Present: An Exploratory Analysis,” U33f
Biographical Register, 1788–1939, R4495a
Biographie universelle (Michaud) ancienne et moderne, J575
Biography and Genealogy Master Index, J565
Biography Index, J540
Biography Index Past and Present, J540
Biography Index Retrospective, J540
Biography Reference Bank, J540
Black Access, Q3715
Black African Literature in English, R4425
Black American Fiction: A Bibliography, Q3820
Black American Playwrights, Q3b10c
Black Americans in Autobiography, Q3850
Black American Writers, 1773–1949, Q3720a
Black American Writers: Bibliographical Essays, Q3735
Black American Writers Past and Present, Q3755a
Black Biographical Dictionaries, Q3765a
Black Biography, 1790–1950, Q3765a
Black Image on the American Stage, Q3825a
Black Literature Resources, Q3b
Black Playwrights, 1823–1977, Q3825
Black Poets of the United States, Q3835
Black Portraiture on the Eighteenth-Century American Stage: Addenda,” Q3825a
Black Studies on Disc, Q3740
Blackwell Companion to the Enlightenment, M2218
Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Anglo-Saxon England, M1640a
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