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Walters, Huw. Llyfryddiaeth Cylchgronau Cymreig, 1735–1850 / A Bibliography of Welsh Periodicals, 1735–1850. Aberystwyth: Natl. Lib. of Wales, 1993. 109 pp. Z6956.W25 W35 [PN5157.P4] 015.429.

———. Llyfryddiaeth Cylchgronau Cymreig, 1851–1900 / A Bibliography of Welsh Periodicals, 1851–1900. Aberystwyth: Natl. Lib. of Wales, 2003. 501 pp. PN5157.P4 W35. 015.429.

A bibliography of periodicals (excluding newspapers and almanacs) published in Wales or associated with the country but published elsewhere. Entries—listed alphabetically (according to the Welsh alphabet) by title—include alternative titles and subtitles, date of first and last issue, editors, printers, publishers, frequency of publication, list of appendixes, illustrations, price, size, indexes, notes, and indication of the source of the description; English-language periodicals are described in English, Welsh-language periodicals in Welsh. Five indexes: editors and authors; publishers; printers; places of publication; places of printing. 1851–1900 includes a chronological list of periodicals by date of founding as well as a two-page addenda to 1735–1850. Although Llyfryddiaeth Cylchgronau Cymreig cites only a limited number of locations of runs and bases some descriptions on sources other than firsthand examination, it offers the fullest record of Welsh periodicals established before 1900.