Biographical Dictionaries


Y Bywgraffiadur Ar-lein (YBA) / Welsh Biography Online (WBO). National Library of Wales. Natl. Lib. of Wales, 2009. 18 Dec. 2012. <>.

A digitized, XML-encoded version of

  • Y Bywgraffiadur Cymreig hyd 1940. Ed. John Edward Lloyd and R. T. Jenkins. London: n.p., 1953. 1,110 pp. DA710.A1 B9.

  • The Dictionary of Welsh Biography down to 1940. [Ed. Lloyd and Jenkins.] London: Honourable Soc. of Cymmrodorion, 1959. 1,157 pp. DA710.A1 B9.

  • Bywgraffiadur Cymreig hyd 1941–1950: Gydag Atodiad i’r Bywgraffiadur Cymreig hyd 1940. [Ed. Lloyd, Jenkins, and W. Llewelyn Davies.] London: Anrhydeddus Gyndeithas y Cymmrodorion, 1970. 179 pp. DA710.A1 B9.

  • Y Bywgraffiadur Cymreig, 1951–1970: Gydag atodiad i’r Bywgraffiadur Cymreig hyd 1940 a’r Bywgraffiadur Cymreig 1941–1950 . Ed. Evan David Jones and Brynley F. Roberts. London: Anrhydeddus Gymdeithas y Cymmrodorion, 1997. 304 pp. DA710.A1 B9.

  • The Dictionary of Welsh Biography, 1941–1970: Together with a Supplement to The Dictionary of Welsh Biography down to 1940 . Ed. Jenkins, Jones, and Roberts. London: Honourable Soc. of Cymmrodorion, 2001. 449 pp. DA710.A1 B9.

A biographical dictionary of deceased persons of Welsh birth or parentage and of foreigners important to the country’s history. The signed entries—several of which are devoted to families—offer factual accounts of notorious and eminent persons from all walks of life (including a considerable number of writers). Although less discursive than in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (M1425), the articles incorporate much important recent research and conclude with a list of sources. The digitized version allows users to browse by entrant or to search by entries or full text (a particularly welcome feature since the lack of indexes in the print volumes made it virtually impossible to identify individuals associated with professions, places, organizations, educational institutions, and the like). Users should note that the additions and corrections in the print volumes have now been incorporated into main entries. The National Library of Wales is adding new entries (see New Articles Now Available, on the home page) and plans to “add portraits, paintings, sound and video recordings” and additional links. Scholarly and authoritative, this work is the standard biographical dictionary of Wales—one that in its electronic form can be more widely disseminated and far more easily mined for its wealth of data. Review: Penry Williams, English Historical Review 75.297 (1960): 706–08.

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