Chapter 8. Guides to Dissertations and Theses

Table of Contents

This section includes bibliographies, indexes, and abstracts of dissertations on more than one national literature. Those devoted to a single literature, period, or topic appear in appropriate sections.

Bibliographies of Bibliographies


Reynolds, Michael M. A Guide to Theses and Dissertations: An International Bibliography of Bibliographies. Rev. and enl. ed. Phoenix: Oryx, 1985. 263 pp. Z5053.A1 R49 011′.7.

A bibliography of bibliographies, abstracts, and indexes (through mid-1984) of dissertations and theses. Reynolds includes separately published works as well as periodical contributions but excludes general lists of theses and dissertations accepted by a single institution. The entries are generally organized by date of publication within 19 classified divisions; of most interest to language and literature scholars are the universal and national divisions (with the latter classified by country), which list the general indexes, abstracts, and bibliographies; area studies (with a section for Anglo-American studies); special and racial groups; fine arts (with a section on theater); and language and literature, with sections for general lists, African languages and literature, Anglo-American language and literature (subdivided by country), Arabic literature, Austronesian linguistics, Chinese linguistics, children’s literature, classical studies, comparative literature, folklore, Germanic languages and literature, Hebrew literature, Indian languages and literature, Japanese language and literature, languages and linguistics, Philippine literature, Romance languages and literature, science fiction, Slavic and East European languages and literature, speech, and individual authors. The annotations clearly describe scope, organization, and content. Three indexes: institutions; names and journal titles; subjects. Although the introduction is unduly murky, Guide to Theses and Dissertations is the essential, time-saving source for identifying both the well-known and the obscure indexes, bibliographies, and abstracts that must be searched for theses and dissertations relevant to a topic.