The Grants Register. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 1969– . Annual. LB2338.G7 378.34.

A guide to grants, fellowships, exchange programs, awards, and honoraria sponsored by foundations, institutions, and government agencies worldwide. Listed alphabetically by sponsor, entries consist of name of the grant, purpose, subjects, number offered, frequency, value, tenability, country of study, eligibility requirements, deadline, notes on application procedure and selection process, and address for further information. Four indexes: subjects and eligibility (the subject arrangement is nearly impenetrable; most users of this Guide will want to turn immediately to the “arts and humanities” subhead); name of grant/award; discontinued grants; organizations. The fullest international guide, Grants Register describes several grants of interest to literature and language scholars but is marred by ineffective indexing and an utterly inadequate explanation of scope and criteria governing inclusion.

Other sources for locating grants of interest to literary scholars include these works:

  • Annual Register of Grant Support: A Directory of Funding Sources. Medford: Information Today, 1969– . Annual. Restricted to sources that fund applicants from the United States or Canada or otherwise benefit either country. The literature division lists numerous prizes and awards that are not grants.

  • The Foundation Directory. New York: Foundation Center, 1960– . 3 pts. and interedition supplement. Annual. <>. The print Directory includes the 20,000 largest private or community foundations in the United States. Foundation Directory Online Platinum allows users to search more than 200,000 foundations and other sources of grants in the United States; other versions offer access to fewer sources.

  • MLA Directory (U5060).