Chapter 12. Genres

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Only works that encompass more than one national literature are included here. Works limited to a single literature are listed in the genre portion of national literature sections. All the guides to scholarship and criticism in this section should be supplemented by the serial bibliographies, indexes, and abstracts in section G.


Guides to Scholarship and Criticism


Ruttkowski, Wolfgang. Bibliographie der Gattungspoetik für den Studenten der Literaturwissenschaft: Ein abgekürztes Verzeichnis von über 3,000 Büchern, Dissertationen, und Zeitschriftenartikeln in Deutsch, Englisch, und Französisch / Bibliography of the Poetics of Literary Genres for the Student of Literature: A Short-Title Catalogue of More than 3,000 Books, Dissertations, and Articles in English, French, and German / Bibliographie de la poétique des genres littéraires pour l’étudiant de la littérature: Une bibliographie de plus que 3,000 livres, thèses, et articles en français, en allemand, et en anglais. München: Hueber, 1973. 246 pp. Z6511.R86.

A selective bibliography of studies on genres and forms. Ruttkowski emphasizes English, French, and German publications from 1940 to 1970 but includes, albeit unsystematically, earlier studies as well as works in other European languages. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author in three sections: literary dictionaries containing articles on genres, general and multiple genre studies, and works on particular genres. Since the last section is classified by German terminology for genres and forms, use of the trilingual genre index is mandatory. Many entries are taken from other bibliographies; both selection and classification seem based primarily on title keywords; and the extensive use of abbreviations, especially in titles, requires constant reference to the list of abbreviations. Two indexes: genres (which indexes only the classified section on individual forms and genres); authors. Although the work is uneven in coverage, inadequately subject-indexed, and now badly dated—given the attention accorded genre study since 1970—Ruttkowski provides the most extensive list of studies on genres and forms, and thus offers a convenient starting point for research.

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