African Literatures


Lindfors, Bernth. ““Researching African Literatures”.” Literary Research Newsletter 4.4 (1979): 171–80. PN73.L57 809.19.

An evaluative overview of bibliographies, biographical sources, and other reference works (through early 1979) important for the study of African literatures. Although now dated, it remains a useful guide, since many of the works have not been superseded. Additional bibliographies are listed in Yvette Scheven, ed., Bibliographies for African Studies, 1970–1986 (London: Zell, 1988; 615 pp.); Bibliographies for African Studies, 1987–1993 (1994; 176 pp.); and Alfred Kagan, Reference Guide to Africa: A Bibliography of Sources, 2nd ed. (Lanham: Scarecrow, 2005; 222 pp.).

A useful introduction to important scholarship on selected literatures is B. W. Andrzejewski, S. Piłaszewicz, and W. Tyloch, eds., Literatures in African Languages: Theoretical Issues and Sample Surveys (Cambridge: Cambridge UP; Warszawa: Wiedza Powszechna, 1985; 672 pp.).

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